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Operations with Cryptocurrencies

We are experts in legal, tax and accounting advice on cryptocurrencies. Our service integrates all the needs that can arise when operating with cryptocurrencies in Spain, respecting the current legislation.


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We certify before a notary that the payment in cryptocurrency has been made from wallet to wallet, reflecting the amount in the deed of the property. In accordance with current regulations, we apply mechanisms for the Prevention of Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC). We also operate with all reference cryptocurrencies. For more information, consult your specific case with our experts.

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Tax Advisory

We carry out tax planning, advice and declaration of all taxes applicable to residents and operations carried out in Spain. We make sure you only pay the legally required minimum. We attend private meetings and answer the requirements of the Tax Office. We keep our clients informed about legislative developments affecting their company or investments in Spain. For more information, consult your specific case with our experts.

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how to save costs in the purchase and sale of real estate
how to save costs in the purchase and sale of real estate
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