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How to invest safely in your properties in Spain and Portugal with ESCROW

The tool that guarantees payment and delivery of the service.

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Investing in real estate in Spain and Portugal isnow safer with the Escrow service

Escrow, the tool that guarantees payment and delivery of the service.

The traditional trust or deposit account, currently known as escrow account, refers to the assurance of payment in a sale or purchase. That is, the tool that guarantees that the payment reaches the seller and that the good or service arrives to the buyer. DEED provides the escrow service as an unrelated party and acts as an agent and insurer of payment, rather than paying the seller directly.

DEED regulates and maintains the payment of the required amount for the parties involved in a transaction, helping to make the transaction much safer by keeping the funds in a secure account and releasing them only when all the terms set out in the agreement or contract (supervised by DEED.

An agreement is reached

The parties enter into an agreement or contract.

Escrow contract signature.

The service is contracted with DEED. Escrow account.


Made directly to DEED’s Escrow account.

Escrow Service.

DEED guards and guarantees the amount to be paid on account.

Final payment.

After approval by the customer, sends the amount to the final recipient.

Escrow through DEED

DEED guarantees that the funds are kept in safe custody without generating interest of any kind, until the full completion of the service.

The transaction is thus insured against possible charge-backs, fraud or any error or invalidity in the agreement.

DEED does not send the money until the transaction has been completed with the delivery of the product or service to the buyer.

The Escrow service is presented as an ideal alternative for the seller and avoids unnecessary changes or distractions in the price, since what has been agreed is already deposited. In addition, it guarantees the buyer a refund of the full amount paid if he/she does not receive what was agreed.

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how to save costs in the purchase and sale of real estate
how to save costs in the purchase and sale of real estate
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buy your property online in Spain with DEED