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Online Will

The will is the document by which a person leaves a record of his/her last wishes before passing away. This is, in a way, our last document, so it must be clear and represent our wishes in a concise and precise way, without forgetting the smallest details. It translates into an instrument regulated in our Civil Code thanks to which we can avoid the application of the rules of intestate succession, that is to say, the rules that determine the course of our goods and rights.

Granting a will is a very personal act and is held by all natural persons, except children under 14 years of age and those who are unable to do so. The person who makes a will and writes his or her last wishes is called the testator, who will determine his or her future heirs in the will. Similarly, it must be borne in mind that what is determined in the will may not be detrimental to the legitimate portion or forced heirs.

Is a notary required to make an Online Will?

The will does not necessarily have to be notarized. This will be done depending on the type of will. In this article we are interested in introducing the figure of the holographic will, which the testator writes in his own handwriting, adding the date to make it valid. This type of will presents different singularities, for example, it does not have to be registered, which makes its validity difficult.

In recent years we have seen how technology has advanced faster than its own regulation. The legislator has taken the figure of a mere spectator in the face of technological development and is forced to evolve one step behind. As far as inheritance law is concerned, we are faced with the same scenario.

At DEED and our strong commitment to innovate and implement new technologies in all aspects of our lives, we believe that the will cannot be left out.

How do we process an Online Will?

With reference to the previous section, an important service at DEED is that of wills. Our firm offers you the possibility of carrying out the entire last will process online. The online will is gaining strength in recent times and we wanted to devote special attention and care to such an important situation in people’s lives.

We have multiple models of wills, so we will have to choose the one best adapted to the situation of each person. This requires careful consideration of relevant inheritance laws and the individual wishes of each user.

DEED has state-of-the-art technology such as timestamps. This tool guarantees the integrity of the signed document and also reflects that the document and data have not been altered or modified over time. The timestamp shows the date of signature so that the data cannot be changed again from that point on. This means that the will has force and validity before third parties and that there is no way of voiding it. The will, be it online or offline, should be a document that presents maximum security in the information it reflects.

Also, the time stamp is also valid for recording and not altering further data with relation to the electronic signature, such as the place where the signature was made or the exact moment when the document was signed or even the identification data of both the issuer and the signatory.

It is obvious that this technology brings an extra value to the Online Will service by guaranteeing, in some way, the veracity of the content and the data of the will.

The Online Holographic Will

The Online Holographic Will has several advantages: there is no need to travel to a notary’s office and the interested party does not have to schedule an appointment and wait, so the procedure gains in speed. On the other hand, the service we provide at DEED is more affordable than many others, gaining in clarity, ease and validity.

In addition to the Holographic Will there is the figure of the open will before a notary. This figure consists of the drafting and signing of a will before a notary, who as a guarantor of the same and attests to the content and data reflected in the document. At DEED we offer you advice prior to the signing before a notary and the intermediation with the notary.

Some notaries are adapting, in some way, to the technological revolution we are experiencing. This translates into innovation in the signing of wills telematically by the notary.

DEED makes the will service available to you by innovating and facilitating the whole procedure and providing a high value experience.

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If you are interested in the content of this article and you would like to purchase the service, learn more about the process or simply ask a question, book an online meeting with one of our Agents. We will be glad to assist you.

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