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Real estate market: opportunities in Marbella

Marbella is a city with a privileged position in the south of the peninsula. The city is located at shores of the Mediterranean, between Malaga and the Strait of Gibraltar, on the Costa del Sol.

Its more than 143,000 inhabitants place it as the second most populous municipality in the Malaga province. Furthermore, it is one of the most important tourist cities in Spain. This position is possible thanks to the Sierra Blanca mountains, the 27 km of beaches of Mediterranean sand, villas, hotels and golf courses. The city also stands out for its business sector and cultural offer.

But Marbella is not alone, to the west of the city is the Golden Mile, with prestigious nightclubs and coastal haciendas that reach Puerto Banús, full of luxury yachts, and surrounded by fashion stores and bars. All this makes Marbella a very demanded city.

To begin let’s look at the general level of prices at the present time.

833 €/ m2

2.851 €/ m2

8.717 €/ m2

Minimum unit

Average unit

Maximum unit

Properties characteristics

But if we want an analysis of the prices per m2 based on characteristics, we have number of bedrooms, origin and age. To start with, the newest properties, less than 20 years old, range from € 3,800 – € 7,000 per m22mid-range properties (between 20 and 30 years) range from € 2,000 – € 5,000 per m2, although you can find cheaper, but much smaller properties.

Real estate agents operate the vast majority of properties, covering a wide range in age, in m2 and number of bedrooms.

Real estate agents operate the vast majority of properties, covering a wide range in age, in m2 and number of bedrooms.

Regarding the number of bedrooms, it is clear, most have between 2 and 3, while there are a few studios and properties with one bedroom. However, the number of homes with 4 or more is quite higher.

According to the zonal scoring we place Marbella in phase 1 of the cycle, soil. This corresponds to a post-fall real estate situation, which means that there has been a strong correction in the market and prices have stabilized at minimum levels. In other words, it is the best time to access housing.

During the last quarter and last year, demand has decreased enough to push prices to the current point, which perfectly explains the scoring result.

Finally, here we see the evolution of the price in recent years. If we look at the last section, we can see a slight drop corresponding to the correction we have mentioned.

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