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The Advantages of Buying or Selling Properties Using Cryptocurrencies

The Advantages of Buying or Selling Properties Using Cryptocurrencies

In the last years, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have become very popular as a payment method thanks to their multiple advantages over traditional methods.

At DEED, we like to always be at the cutting edge of technology in legal and financial matters, so that our customers can benefit from these advantages. For this reason, we offer the possibility of completing property transactions using cryptocurrencies.


How to buy or sell a property using cryptocurrencies

1. Choose a cryptocurrency

Apart from Bitcoin, DEED allows you to buy or sell a property with many other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash or USD Coin. We assist our customers to choose the cryptocurrency that better suits their needs.

2. Exchange rate stability

One of the main traits of the most widely used cryptocurrencies is price volatility, with strong hikes and plunges in short periods of time caused by market movements.

This may make you initially think that cryptocurrencyes are not a good method of payment, but at DEED we have already taken this into account. We guarantee the value of your cryptocurrency when you exchange it into Euros with the help of our OTC provider,licensed by the Bank of Spain.

3. the power of Bitcoin

With our transaction mechanism and the power of cryptocurrencies, both parties benefit from the superiority of Blockchain technology over the banking system. It comes with many advantegeous features, especially when it comes to international transfers

4. Commission-free payments using cryptocurrencies

Our OTC provider will exchange your cryptocurrency into a fiat currency without any cost.

5. Diversified payment

At DEED we offer our customers the option best suited to their preferences. As a buyer, you can receive a part of the payment in cryptocurrency and the rest in fiat (such as USD or EUR). For example: 25%in Bitcoin, 25% in Ethereum and 50% in Euros. At DEED you are free to choose!

The process of a transaction using cryptocurrency

1. The preliminary contract

The first step is to sign a private preliminary contract, in which the terms and conditions of the future transaction are laid down.

In this stage, a member of DEED’s legal team will act as an intermediary between both parties to guarantee that the agreed terms are met.

2. The Deed

This document replaces the preliminary contract and makes official the change of owner of the property. The signature of the deed is made with complete security and transparency in front of a Public Notary with experience in cryptocurrencies who, as a legal expert, will inform about the tax liabilities of the contract.

3. Payment

When the seller receives his/her cryptocurrency in the destination wallet, our OTC provider, present at the signature in front of the Public Notary, will guarantee (if the seller requests it) the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency with the Euro a few minutes before signing the deed. All this happens under the supervision of the Public Notary who will ensure at every moment that the transaction is completed correctly.

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If you are interested in the content of this article and you would like to purchase the service, learn more about the process or simply ask a question, book an online meeting with one of our Agents. We will be glad to assist you.

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